Kayla Lyon Financial Life Coach

Hey y’all, I’m Kayla

I’m here to help you stop waiting for “one day” and do the epic stuff you want with your life, now.

The last decade has consisted of many hats for me to wear, most at the same time.  Just a few of them include active duty Sailor/reservist/veteran, Mom to three young kids, active duty Marine wife, Certified Life Coach, Business Owner/CEO, and plenty more.

As I’m sure you can imagine, we’re not talking about my faded, old, worn-in favorite baseball hat here.  All of those hats are big, flamboyant, Kentucky Derby hats that come with significant responsibilities, perfectly primed to take up all. my. time.

I’ve always had a lot going on.  I’ve never been one to sit still for long. “Busy” was a badge of honor I wore.  I’ve always had more to do than time in the day.

My list only ever got longer.  With everything I’d cross off, somehow three new things would get added right under it.  

Sound familiar?

I was punched in the face with reality when Chris was deployed.  It was 2020…enough said about that.  

I was pregnant with our third baby, the pandemic was raging right along, I was running my business, we lived on the opposite coast of our families, and we found out we were moving 18mo earlier than expected…just weeks after he got home, and right before I was due.

Inside baby forced me to slow the F down.  I had to really take a look at what was important and what wasn’t.  

I figured out how to get stuff done.  I implemented a system that allows me to know that not only everything will get accomplished, but when.

I learned how to be accountable to myself, and just as importantly, how to cut myself some slack when I truly need it.

When your massive to-do list goes from “holy sh*t” to “as good as done”, the overwhelm starts to melt away.  

Instead of running through life with your hair on fire, you can walk, and actually breathe.

The crippling guilt you’re so used to carrying around with you everywhere gets lighter and lighter.

Do you know what happens when you’re not losing your mind all the time?

You freaking feel better.

You start to actually enjoy your life, right now, chaos and all.

You’re present.  With your kids, partner, at work.

You create time.  

You get. shit. done. 

You have plenty of time to do everything you want to.  The stuff that’s just for fun.  The stuff that’s just for you.  The stuff that’s going to create a lasting impact on your life, your family, the world.  And all the other stuff too.

I’m not telling you I’m going to make your life perfect 100% of the time forever and ever amen.  Because that’s not even a thing.  You still have a human brain, and so do I. 


I am promising you that life balance is possible. 

Yes, for you too.

I can help you get there.  

I know this because I did it for myself.  When my life was the perfect recipe for massive stress and constant overwhelm.  

I’m definitely NOT a magical rainbow unicorn.  I’m just like you.  

I figured it out, and now I want to help you figure it out even faster than I did.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

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