Kayla Lyon Financial Life Coach

I’m Kayla Lyon

I’m fixing the system

one leader at a time

We’re great at alot of things.  Our military, our society, our country, companies and corporations, as humans.

And we can do better.  Much better.

We can be highly effective and expect people to be humans, not robots.

Effective leadership doesn’t only care about the result.  

Retention, culture, and quality of life, can no longer be ignored.

We can have it all.

I was put in charge of over a dozen Sailors fresh out of college at 21 years old.  

I graduated from one of the top leadership institutions in the country, but let’s be serious… 21-year-olds aren’t exactly ripe with life experience…

I learned SO many things through trial and error.  Guessing and testing and failing hard and trying again.  

From ship driving to missile launching to leadership up and down the chain of command.  (Yes, you can and should lead the people above you as much as the people below you.)

For the majority of my first tour, I had a commanding officer (CO) who had quite an, ahem, reputation, and we were counting the days until everything imploded.

To add insult to injury, my department head (direct boss) had eerily similar tendencies and patterns as my CO but would complain to his other direct reports and I about how the CO treated him… while he was pulling the same garbage with us.  

The dysfunction at that command was nothing short of impressive.

The point is, I know a thing or twenty about terrible leadership and bad command/company culture.  I lived it for longer than I care to admit (in and out of uniform).

Thankfully, I was also fortunate enough to experience fantastic leadership at several levels across multiple organizations, also in and out of uniform. 

Kayla Lyon Financial Life Coach

I have alot of personal & professional first-hand leadership experience from different angles across several organizations.  

My formal education and training complement my personal and professional experience.  I also happen to be the sounding board for a Marine in charge of 600 other Marines.  

I’ve seen and heard just about all of it.  And if I haven’t, the good news is even if the specific problem is new to me, the solution, I can assure you, is not.

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of coaching dozens of leaders, across different industries and levels of seniority.  

I’ve led Sailors and civilians through Lord knows how many challenging situations, taught leadership to midshipmen at the US Naval Academy in preparation for joining the Fleet, and am now raising three tiny humans while running a business, and am married to an active duty Marine.

Most importantly: I can help you.  

Find out how.  It’s easier than you think.  Click here to book a discovery call.

Let’s fix the system.

For those of you who are into formalities, my education, training, & certifications include:

  • BS, Systems Engineering, United States Naval Academy
  • MBA, Finance, Washington State University
  • Lieutenant Commander, Surface Warfare Officer, United States Navy
  • Certified Life Coach, The Life Coach School
  • Advanced Certified Leadership Coach, The Leadership Coach LLC
  • Candidate, Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching, Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership

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