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coaching, & mentorship

You love your job…or at least you used to.

For the most part the good outweighs the bad, but the “bad” is piling up and you’re beginning to think it’s not worth it anymore.

Good news: you don’t have to be the CEO or Secretary of Defense to be able to make a difference.

Learn how to navigate difficult bosses, co-workers, and endless red tape with out losing your mind or throwing your printer out the window.

You’ve got a team.  Now what?

›  How do you motivate your people to do their jobs, to show up and give a shit, when you can’t fire them or give out bonuses?

›  How do you keep people going when it sucks?

 What does taking care of your people actually mean?  That sentiment- “take care of your people” is thrown around quite a bit.  Has anyone ever taught you what that looks like?  Do you let Frank go home early the moment he sneezes?  Or do you allow him to push through his fever or miss his kid’s soccer game?

›  How do you give feedback in a constructive way and doesn’t end in a meltdown?

›  What do you do when someone starts crying or screaming at you in front of everyone?

What We Focus On

The four key areas vital to effective leadership, tailored to each unique individual & organization:

» Awareness (of yourself and everyone else)

» Radical Personal Responsibility (aka own your shit…ALL of it)

» Effective Communication

» Accountability + Boundaries (for you and them)

This Is For You If

» You have an impossible boss (or maybe you’re the impossible boss…??)

» You’re at the bottom of the totem pole but know it can (and should) be better and want to improve yourself and your organization

» You have a team and are doing your best to figure it out… but have situations you just don’t know how to handle

» The culture of your command is completely hosed and, well, here you are, so lets get to work

Individual & Team Results

» A culture and command climate people actually want to be apart of and work their butts off for

» Trust.  In yourself, the team, the command/company

» Improved communication

» Increased effectiveness + efficiency

» More confidence across the board

» Effective time management, prioritization, & decision making = going home before the sun goes down and still crushing it

My name is Kayla. 

I’m here to tell you that you can have an impact on your organization.  From where you are.  Right now.

I was a Naval Surface Warfare Officer (read: ship driver/missile shooter) for over 10 years.  I’ve been (and still am) an active-duty Marine wife for a slightly different 10 years.  I have 15+ years of public & private management & leadership experience across several industries and generations.

I had a love/hate relationship with the SWO community while I was in.  I’ve since learned that the things I loved and the things I hated about my world are not unique to the Surface Navy.  There’s some flavor of all of it, in all the communities, across all the services.  Turns out, the civilian world isn’t too much different either.

We’re great at a lot of things.  We need to keep doing what’s working.  We must fix the culture issues.  The future of all of our services depends on it.  Yep, even Space Force.

That’s why I’m here.  To help you love your job again, or never stop liking it to begin with.  To help make the day-to-day better, because yea, sometimes it just freaking sucks.  And to fix the bigger issues for everyone’s sake.  Yours, mine, our kids’, the country’s.  I’m not kidding and I don’t take it lightly.  Let’s go.  

Read more about me here.

Honestly, I'm still processing just how incredible you were – I knew you would be. EVERYONE was raving about you! EVERYONE gained something from your talk. So, THANK YOU!


You're an incredible coach. I was blown away by your ability to cut to the heart of an issue and provide thoughtful perspective


I am so grateful for this time - when I started, I felt like my job was a pressing issue that needed to be fixed, but with your help I was able to shift the way I think about my job and how I think about what my work should look like in the future. I no longer feel like my job is a source of stress for me - I'm able to appreciate it for what it is, and I don't feel an urgent need to change it. I feel that I can approach the "issue" of my job with so much more objectivity and overall that really brings my stress level down. 


Creating the logistical system so it can be easy to keep updating on my own helped me feel more confident and put all the pieces together so my brain could understand. Loved your knowledge, your easy-going personality, felt I could totally trust you and know you'd help me figure it out. You’re a gem, thanks so much Kayla.


I also loved the time management tips we worked through and I am looking forward to implementing them more over time. Finally, I have really appreciated our thought-provoking conversations and it was really great to talk to my husband about them - an unexpected benefit of good conversations about what we both want for our careers and family. Coaching with you has really exceeded my expectations and I am so thrilled that I got to work with you. This has been fantastic and I gained what I hoped to from this experience, and also some things I didn't realize that I needed. Thank you, Kayla!


One of the best parts of working with Kayla is gaining the ability to separate facts of an event from feelings about an event, and to re-frame how those different components impact my emotions about it.


I really loved your insights, attitude, and energy, and you really helped me to make such a great change in my mindset, which has really improved my overall happiness! Thank you so much. I look forward to all that I can accomplish with the tools and attitude you gave me!


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