Happy Holidays from the Lyons!

the lyons merry christmas

Merry Christmas!  The Lyon Family would like to wish every one of you a wonderful holiday season and the happiest of new years!

This year for our photo for our annual Christmas letter, we’ve taken a temporary pause from being lyons and have become reindeer.  I wanted to have matching family pajamas because let’s face it, they’re adorable and ridiculous.  When I saw family reindeer onesie pajamas that were also 60% off I got VERY excited.  They even had all three of our sizes.  It was fate.

I came home with them and Chris knew this was a battle not worth fighting and thankfully got onboard.  Little Lyon Cub also took to the reindeer idea quite well.  She very much enjoyed dragging them all over the house. They were like her pet or something, I guess.

We’ve spent this weekend with my family, and tomorrow (Christmas Day, for everyone keeping track) we’re flying south to see Chris’ parents until New Years Day.  We’re going to wear our reindeer pajamas for the trip and pass out chocolate to everyone working during our travels.  I bought a bag of the Ghirardelli chocolate squares from Costco specifically for the occasion.

When we bought our tickets months ago we realized we could save a significant amount of money by flying on Christmas Day (and New Years Day too for that matter).  Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly how much now to share with you, but it was at least a few hundred dollars.

Little Lyon Cub is too young to care and its actually working out quite nicely.  We get to see both of our families for the holiday and got a great deal on our flights for an otherwise quite expensive time of year to fly, so we’ll call that a win!

I’ll be sure to report back how traveling on a major holiday goes, as reindeer to boot.  In the meantime, we hope you have the most wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas!  Love, Mr. & Mrs. Reindeer, Little Reindeer, & Baby Reindeer (coming in May!)

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