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Personal Finance Lessons From The Office

Personal Finance Lessons From The Office

If you’re familiar with the show The Office (if you’re not, just think of any company for the purpose of this example, and then go watch the show immediately when you finish reading this), you know at Dunder Mifflin, there are a variety of departments and people who...

You’re Not Bad With Money.  Here’s How I Know.

You’re Not Bad With Money. Here’s How I Know.

Sometimes, your brain lies to you. It doesn't mean to. It thinks it's doing the right thing. It's just trying to protect you and keep you alive. And yet, sometimes it just flat out lies right to your face. Your brain will look for evidence to support what you think is...

Be Rich Now

Be Rich Now

It all starts in your brain Did you know that your thoughts create your feelings? It's true. Your thoughts cause your feelings. All of them. No exceptions. Forever and ever amen. This is important because you can also choose your thoughts. For real. You can choose...

Why I’m Not Frugal

Why I’m Not Frugal

I used to think I was frugal But here's the deal... frugality is a tricky thing. You might be thinking that it's not tricky at all. You just spend less money on things than you could, or than other people do. That's what makes you frugal. Spending less money is...

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