My name is Kayla

I’m changing the culture of the military

One leader at a time

We’re great at alot of things.  AND, we can do better.  When you’re ready to be the change you want to see, book a call.


work life balance

Working 24/7 doesn’t equate to more respect and better results.  In fact, most of the time, the opposite is true.


the dream team

Build a cohesive, effective team. Regardless of where you go, the command climate, or who your boss is.


skip the burnout

Even in high-stakes, high-stress jobs.  That require everything of you.  Even when the only constant is change.

Stop running around with your hair on fire.  Build the team everyone wants to be on.  Every time.

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I am so grateful for this time - when I started, I felt like my job was a pressing issue that needed to be fixed, but with your help I was able to shift the way I think about my job and how I think about what my work should look like in the future. I no longer feel like my job is a source of stress for me - I'm able to appreciate it for what it is, and I don't feel an urgent need to change it. I feel that I can approach the "issue" of my job with so much more objectivity and overall that really brings my stress level down. I also loved the time management tips we worked through and I am looking forward to implementing them more over time. Finally, I have really appreciated our thought-provoking conversations and it was really great to talk to my husband about them - an unexpected benefit of good conversations about what we both want for our careers and family. Coaching with you has really exceeded my expectations and I am so thrilled that I got to work with you. This has been fantastic and I gained what I hoped to from this experience, and also some things I didn't realize that I needed. Thank you, Kayla!


You're an incredible coach. I was blown away by your ability to cut to the heart of an issue and provide thoughtful perspective


Creating the logistical system so it can be easy to keep updating on my own helped me feel more confident and put all the pieces together so my brain could understand. Loved your knowledge, your easy-going personality, felt I could totally trust you and know you'd help me figure it out. You’re a gem, thanks so much Kayla.


I really loved your insights, attitude, and energy, and you really helped me to make such a great change in my mindset, which has really improved my overall happiness! Thank you so much. I look forward to all that I can accomplish with the tools and attitude you gave me!


One of the best parts of working with Kayla is gaining the ability to separate facts of an event from feelings about an event, and to re-frame how those different components impact my emotions about it.



One-on-one Coaching


Never having enough time to get it all done causes so much stress, overwhelm, & crippling guilt. It doesn’t have to be like that. Let me help you skip that part.


Hey Y’all, I’m Kayla

I’m a momma to 3 wonderful kiddos, a Navy veteran, an active duty Marine wife, and a Certified Life Coach.

I’m hellbent on helping incredible women just like you do all the epic shit you want to at home and in the world, without running yourself into the ground.

You can actually enjoy the ride now instead of waiting for “life to calm down”.  Because let’s be real…when does that actually happen?



  Get your brain on board with your money goals so that you actually achieve them.  

What are you waiting for?


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